The Acceptable Sin

“Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s.”-

Jesus of Nazareth.

When the above quote was said. It was used to answer questions about the separation of church and state. In the current political climate, (I’m sweating already) our society has moved past that issue. To me, the words of Christianity’s highest moral authority represent something different.

Before I start, a disclaimer:

I am a fulltime employee, with two kids, a SELF proclaimed idiot, and crazy person. Please don’t kill me.


I have a dumb Idea. The idea is something akin to socialism. The word socialism has gotten a bad reputation since the 1930’s. The truth is, the Nazis abandoned socialism almost immediately after they got into office. They made every decision without the knowledge or consent of the people. I postulate that what they were actually trying to install was a dictatorship, in every sense of the word. You wouldn’t say that the system in North Korea is a socialist system, would you? I doubt Hitler was going to relinquish power if he conquered the world. Also, policy would’ve likely changed at his whim.

Back to my idea. I propose for each state’s department of social health and welfare to send information to the IRS (cue gasps) on who is living in poverty, on benefits, and having legitimate trouble participating in our capitalist system. Then we kill them. I’M JUST JOKING! IT’S A JOKE!

We then see how much it would cost to give those people what they need ASAP. Pay psychiatrists for two a weeks. (Pay for shuttling patients to out of town docs, if necessary) Find them places to stay. Move them to small towns, in the middle of nowhere. Pay the complete price for daycare. Pay them a thousand a week.

In return, they submit to a contract that says they will adhere to drug tests and whatever treatment is prescribed by professionals. THEN, we look at the top earners in the country. YES! We cap the top earners at… FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS! (Cue gasps again.)

I will not feel any sympathy for any human who cannot budget their life on fifty million dollars. I do not care how hard you work. You cannot convince me that you deserve more than a single mother who has to ride the bus to work. Comes back to a shitty apartment, cooks, cleans, and raises her kids after working a twelve hour day.

It should be obvious that the imaginary system meant to quantify the work to money ratio is broken. I’ve met some pretty hard fucking workers in my life who are barely getting by. Sure they had vices that cost a pretty penny. Or unplanned children.

Either way; the formula for becoming a decamillionaire is based on value and connections. Is your skill something that society values? Did  you draw the ticket in the social, genetic, or economic lottery; that opens the door to connections?

The real question is; why should we keep going along with this? I mean, even doctors are getting shafted! To become a doctor you have to pay a school on average $170k and twelve years of your life. Then you ride the system in the fucking middle with a $200k a year salary. Oh, and you also work your fucking ass off! Saving the lives of douche bags like myself who refuse to take care of themselves.

No matter what you say; you can’t convince me that anyone “deserves” a fleet of cars, multiple properties, yachts, etc., because they “work hard”.

In the U.S. there are some 83,620 households with $50mm or more. Along with 36,202 with $100mm or more. That is .07% and .03% of the U.S. population, respectively.

Conservatively assuming that around 30,000 of the 83,620 households that reported making $50mm or more, actually made $60mm. By taking the extra $10mm, we just infused $300 billion dollars into the fund to help the downtrodden. Capping the $100mm crowd brings in $1.8 trillion. Capping the billionaires, or hundred billionaires… Whoops!… I didn’t mean it, please don’t kill me.

Another argument of the rich is leaving the future generations of their family secure. If you don’t live like a fucking sultan, FIFTY million dollars is enough for your kids to go to college. It’s enough to get them started, help them out occasionally. Enough for the grandkids’ college.

If you don’t find your work rewarding enough to do after you’ve made FIFTY million dollars, find something else. You can also make the FIFTY million dollars and take a vacation. Either way, the point is FIFTY million dollars is enough money for anybody, I don’t care who you are.

In return for this one time fee off of their current wealth and the temporary cap. They no longer have to pay taxes, no more giving to charity, no property tax, medical bills will be comped, social security, etc.

I propose that something similar to this system be implemented every century. That this be amended onto the constitution. I propose a popular vote on this. Not a house vote, or a senate vote, or a supreme court vote. A popular vote.

My second point.

Religion failed us by not vilifying greed as much as they should have. Even Jesus, and his vague, “don’t rock the boat attitude” towards slave owners and kings. Odd for a half-god and the institution that claims to speak for the creator of the universe, to take such a chicken shit attitude towards one of their deadly sins. Makes you wonder who was really in charge even in christianity’s heyday.

I guess GREED is the acceptable sin. I am one hundred percent certain there has never been an American priest or deacon to make any prolonged effort to stamp out greedy behavior from his community. They rather bother gays and teenage moms in a pickle. “Give a little to the pesky poor, that’ll cleanse your conscience from living in excess.”

Maybe there’s no fixing this. Maybe this will always be the struggle of human kind. Keeping the balance.

Like the old mouse said; “It is easy to propose a impossible remedie.” I just think we should find out if it really is impossible. (please don’t kill me)

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