The acceptable sin part II

I say this with the face of someone about to get punched, in the face.

This is just a ridiculous idea from my completely unqualified, minimum wage mind. I also say this knowing how difficult this past year has been on all Americans, of all incomes. I don’t hate the player, I hate the game. So I’m writing a hate letter to “The Game”(Not the rapper.)

I am debating the need for massive salary caps, and a once every century, communist style redistribution of wealth. In which anybody who has, or makes more than fifty million dollars gets capped at that amount for a period of eight years. After that time they would go back to their original wages for another hundred years.

During that time, we fund FREE housing developments, UBI (Universal basic Income), education reform, etc.

Here is my down syndrome laced… Let’s say, perception of the events. The aspirations for anything unrealistic dies at a younger age now. Everyone is ultimately out for themselves. Doesn’t matter if your a young liberal or young republican. “All feelin, no facts”! I’m sorry, HmHm…

I think it’s absolutely necessary to give people a break from capitalism. At least once a generation. Especially in this era of overpopulation, pandemics, natural disasters, and youths with artificial intellects. Anyone who can do the fucking math knows that the chance for them to ever own a home, doing what they love, is dwindling away.

On the other side, the conservatives who kneel at the altar of the bootstrap, and the pulling up of said bootstrap. Most thought they were one bootstrap away from being millionaires. When this wasn’t the case, politicians told them to blame immigrants and the welfare sucking poor.(Liberal poor people, not conservative poor people.)

I think all those riots and all the tension is the manifestation of one problem. Sure it’s also about BLM and Antifa vs. Pro-Trump and Proud boys.

I believe it’s also about give and take. How little we’re given for the amount of life that capitalism takes. The hours that accumulate into a lifetime of work for some shitty two bedroom house. When we are bombarded by images of mansions, yachts, sports cars in the hands of people who really don’t contribute much more to this society than entertainment.

The days of the vast majority accepting a 40 hour work week, making 20 grand a year at best; while a lucky few found a cheatcode to capitalism is over. Many good people are living in a place where hope has died. The jobs some human beings have to do because of their lack of academic skills and financial control drains them. Their kids see this.

On the other side of this equation is a human being that makes 8.25 million dollars an hour. An hour! Fucking comedic. The amount of luxurious rooms I would masturbate in, in my massive mansion. It blows my fucking mind.

Anyway, perfect Segway. That’s what drives a republican. Even a broke one. One day, maybe not him, but one of his kids, will accomplish the American dream: Win at Capitalism. Taking that age old dream away is sacrilege. Although the fact that they blame the death of said dream on the welfare takers and not the people dominating the game is something I will never understand.

My plan: Let’s pause the game. The rich would benefit immensely from getting all of us deadbeats off of their backs. Any difficulties paying personal staff, lot fees for yachts, stable fees for horses, etc. Will be paid by the government during this period. Meanwhile, the sweatpants people fuck off to some nice little acre of their own in a new neighborhood, a little green in their pocket.

These neighborhoods will have the added benefit of creating more jobs, needing staff from the ground up for hospitals, police, government, etc..

To those saying “motherfucker I work almost 24/7. I LOVE WORK, YOU LAZY FAG!”

Good for you. You probably ain’t working the jobs I’m talking about. The jobs I’m talking about go home with you after those eight, ten, or twelve hours. And if you are working these jobs pushing yourselves after that, seven days a week, then trying to build a business after work, and still make time for your family. You deserve everything you have and more.

I realize that there are people who scrimp, suffer, bond, and beautiful things happen while in their journey of hard work and dedication. You took the long road. Fought for your dream to get into a fucking home. Own property. Own a business. A new car or two. You are the blood that makes America limp forward. BUT, contrary to the picture the media paints. Less than ONE percent of the people who take on this herculean challenge retire as millionaires. LET ALONE A HUNDRED BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS!

Some of you actually achieving any real financial success in an environment like this is a testament to your dedication. Your resolve is an inspiration in an era where the will to keep the American dream alive is disappearing. Many of you think the dream is something you either use, or lose. There are a lot of people losing it out there. Pun intended. They are losing this dream at an irreparable age.

I’ll finish my ode to the hard working American with this: You’ll get to continue working as hard as you want and also get a check for doing nothing. You shouldn’t get mad that those less industrious or ambitious get a little more than they deserve. You should be mad that those who only contribute to commerce or entertainment have more money, power, and property than most monarchies of the past two thousand years.

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