The Land of 2,000 years

I’m going to explore the current form of the “counterculture” and it’s fight against “the establishment”.

I will start with a few (fairly obvious) history lessons. The first, my version of the history of censorship in America.

My hope is to illustrate how our new culture, is employing the same flawed tactics against the far right, that the previous establishments employed against the far left. And why these tactics end up empowering the people they are used against.

The second, a brief history of Black America. In it, I hope to build a psychoanalytic perspective of the new radical right. Why these individuals believe it’s not about race, and why the rest of us think it is.

Let’s do it.

At the birth of many of our beloved institutions, they glorified the model American. No matter if it was books, TV, politics, education, etc. To the heads of those institutions, a hero was a tall white man with a square jaw. Saving the town from a dark man, usually wearing black or sometimes dark complected. This was the case no matter where you worked.

Years later, minorities clawed their way out of poverty and into the limelight through their athletic or artistic prowess. Through these pioneers, we got our first Black/Brown heroes. Many institutions (most famously the FBI) responded by attacking or outright banning these figures. In some cases championing white people who emulated their Black counterparts without giving any credit.

The Vietnam war and its draft fueled a wave of radical leftist. Artists, actors, musicians, and athletes, all fighting against the military industrial complex’s war in southeast Asia. Labeled as “Commies” and infecting the mind of the all-American youth. These radicals where fighting what they called “the establishment”. The kids loved it. Rebelling against their parents and their politics. Heroes of a new age.

Capitalism accidentally solved this problem by bestowing riches upon these influential enemies of the state. (The ones who hadn’t been murdered or OD’d) Turning these would-be revolutionaries into the rags to riches stories that have become capitalism’s biggest tool for recruitment. But the youth’s spirit will always love the danger of throwing stones at the system. They will always be attracted to rebellious causes. A sanctimonious image emerged. Anger and excess. Knowledge of the system’s evils doesn’t make a Rolls Royce any less bitchin.

This new standard happened serendipitously. Instead of continuing to arrest and ban. (Giving them the allure of being a forbidden fruit.) They witnessed the rebelious message hook the youth, while the artist’s lifestyle made them fall in line. The pursuit of knowledge made them individuals, the pursuit of riches and bitches put them to work. All by happenstance.

I think this has happened before. The evidence painted in the European frescos of biblical imagery from the 15th century. They imagined characters who were born in the Middle East as “shredded” white men with big beards and darkhaired White women. There are even images of the Pharaoh that opposed Moses as a white man with black hair. Jesus. Enough said.


Slavery was abolished in 1865. The civil rights movement started in 1955. In the 90 years between, Blacks suffered lives of subjugation by the American system. Black men weren’t allowed to vote until 1965. One hundred and forty two years after slavery was abolished, we had a Black man as president.

Black entrepreneurs know they are fighting an image. The image America associated with success. Was the Black person synonymous with poverty to most White people? Synonymous with the bottom? I think most African Americans would say so.

When democracy voted in America’s first Black president, some White Americans became terrified. But you can’t recruit with openly racist xenophobia. So they started spreading “subtly” racist theories. “Obama is a Muslim, he’s not American, he’s a socialist.” The problem became clear to me when Obama’s promise of change remained unfulfilled. Most middle-class White, Black, or even immigrants who voted for Trump, had voted for Obama. They wanted the change he promised.

During this period, social media began it’s assault on the era that preceded it. Declaring war on those with antiquated sensibilities. The homophobic, the transphobic, the elitist, the radically religious; a.k.a. the right. Those silenced by the old guardians of morality, the gaurdians being the schools, churches, and government; became the most popular voices. The opressed now holds the seat of power. Spearheaded by liberal celebrities and the millions who follow them.

Trump voters became scared of this new politically correct establishment. The years of hard work to make it into the middle class neighborhoods. All squandered in this new era of online lynch mobs, and atheist transgendered language police. Those who had fought tooth and nail to make it into the middle class. Who succeeded in the old environment. Were now looking at a world that sides with the losers.

This is the new counterculture. The conservative who is fighting for the return of their “establishment”. Where people can say derogatory words to each other, unafraid.

They feel attacked and handcuffed by the new establishment.

Examples of these attacks:

Santa Claus was black.

Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas.(Or at all.)

Cops kill black people for no reason.

There is no God.

Capitalism, corporations, and the CIA have destroyed or oppressed countries around the world.

Confederate statues should be taken down.


Suppressing their response to these attacks are apps, and the new world they created. If we continue to do this, they will start to seem appealing to thenextgeneration, instead of just batshit. Eventually millions of rebellious youths will want to explore these forbidden ideologies.

I believe that the answer is to let them say whatever crazy shit they want. Wherever they want. Let the followers fuck up and get arrested.

The country will make the right decision.

But no. The liberals chose to fight fanaticism with censorship. If the kids decide that the forbidden mindset is the new hotness. Well, Trump proved that commercial success begets political success. The radical right will remain a real threat.

The Democrats will probably be nominating Pelosi to keep out Bernie, AOC, and whoever the Republicans choose. Which they are dumb enough to fucking do. Most will see through whatever bullshit she says to appeal to the new dems. They know she will try to maintain the status quo. This will open the door to the “empire”, allowing it to strike back. Harder than before.

To those holding court on social media. Spreading menial controversies so thousands of bored users get their fix. Find a new hobby. Get a flip phone. Idk. Just stop fucking up society. This is directed at both sides.

Some controversies are serious. They need a day in court. A real court. Get yourself a fucking lawyer. Do that shit right! Some people deserve to be shamed, but only after a real jury has heard the evidence. After they have been found guilty. Not an online lynching were guilt is 50/50, and the accused never recovers, even if they are innocent.

That’s my two cents. What qualifies me to say such things? Nothing. Go fuck yourselves.

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