Man’s purpose: mission accomplished?!

I once read what I can only describe as a dissertation of sorts. The objective of which was to find the purpose of existence in the texts of every major religion. The conclusion turned out to be one steeped in individualism: Experiences. You are here to experience everything this world has to offer. (Or the experiences your circumstances allow, I guess.)

I disagree with that theory. As I read it, I thought of the civilizations that propagated said religions. I thought not of their theologies. Not of their ideals. I thought of our collective purpose. I wondered what the practicality of immortalizing something would be. (besides the obvious) What are the evolutionary needs for making the many colossal shrines, the millions of lives sacrificed? Was it because they could?

Many theorize the practical reason for the religious states to organize such projects was to maintain order, and morality. To maintain hierarchical control. That doesn’t explain the immense effort put into the construction of pyramids, temples, churches, and statues. What if the motivation of our species’ fascination with building such things was in it’s permanence. The passage of information at all costs. Progress in all it’s monumental glory. Standing in it. Touching it. What if this is our purpose?

Since their infancy, civilizations have gone to great lengths to leave evidence of their existence. The reason for so many cultures undertaking such daunting tasks has remained a mystery. So much so, that extraterrestrials have been credited with spreading the knowledge of erecting these structures to all the different ancient cultures that did so. What truly passed the baton of monument building? What force compelled the Sumerian, Egyptian, Inca, Aztecs, to leave their gigantic footprints on the face of this earth?

When the Europeans thought of their immortality, they thought of empires, not structures. They wanted the hearts and minds of future generations. Why the change? Cataclysmic events have been a part of human mythology for a reason. Is it possible that the ancients, like the generations after, knew that mass destruction was around the corner. They knew their texts wouldn’t survive the end of their societies. The structures were subconscious safeguards.

The European empires knew that even if a catastrophe wiped away  their physical center of power; spreading their ideological, theological, and genetic traits to the farthest corners of the planet would be their monument. This need resulted in clashes with other societies trying to do the same. Fast forward to our present day. The battle for influence is on a continuum. But what of our purpose?

We have guaranteed that even a global cleansing of our species would not completely wipe out our presence. Even an asteroid completely destroying earth wouldn’t vaporize every single shred of human society. Especially now with our fingerprints on our moon and our neighboring planets.

This is our purpose. It’s not to spread ourselves in physical form anymore, but to spread our knowledge to the universe. To leave our progress behind for future species of intelligent lifeforms to emulate. To build upon. To pick up wherever we left off. I don’t believe our purpose is individualistic. That would be like saying the purpose for sight is strictly for looking at the things you want to look at. Not for spotting predators. Or like saying the reason we all have taste buds is to identify the foods you like or dislike. Not to distinguish between poisonous and edible. All our senses have the purpose of helping us continue our genetic line. Why wouldn’t our ultimate purpose have the same function. In a subconsciously driven metaphysical sense.

Just like most individuals have a need to show those around them that they exist. To exhibit their intelligence, share their ideas, their uniqueness. I believe we as a species have a subconscious need to leave proof of our existence on this universe. That is what drives us. That is our purpose.

Suffering for my sanity

There are no times when I’m not. I know what kind of human being I am. Not qualified for my aspirations of being an intellectual. It is taking too much of my time. It takes too much of my energy. What can I do? These cycling thoughts of society’s current place. It’s past mistakes, past victimizations. It may be to correct my past mistakes, my victimizations.

The truth of me is something odd in this world. No words to justify the ineptitude of my social skills. The silence is a storm. Thoughts of machine-like lustful savagery. Mixed in with the desire to be a decent person, the good person.

My anxiety is what holds conversations with you. A dull and awful conversation. Eye contact is deceitful in many ways, but it tells the story. A story no one understands. Something that happened before it’s time. Something not completely understood. This story is unimportant to you. All you know is that you are repulsed by my eyes, and how they touch yours.

A simple secret. It’s terribly simple. A private game being played for years. A Misunderstanding- the title of my childhood. Misunderstood is the
next chapter. The world around me gets a little hostile when my ghosts take control. The hate for the hollow man who bares his innadecuacies in public, and in silence.

He becomes the lone sheep in a pool of self assured wolves. Whatever this is. I will show strength. Life; or the three decades of something happening to me. Or in front of a three pound gelatinous ball of electrical pulses. Any interactions with other jelly balls have too much importance. Except for the three beautiful jelly balls that have taken
permanent residence in my only loving thoughts.

In sharing the seemingly delusional spoils, if I win the attention seeker lottery. They hold my concerns, and my codependency. An attachment that drives me insane. I love them. And I love something that tells me; the past is prologue. Only interactions and events between electric gelatinous balls. Nothing else. No matter how much they’ve molded me.

The Land of 2,000 years

I’m going to explore the current form of the “counterculture” and it’s fight against “the establishment”.

I will start with a few (fairly obvious) history lessons. The first, my version of the history of censorship in America.

My hope is to illustrate how our new culture, is employing the same flawed tactics against the far right, that the previous establishments employed against the far left. And why these tactics end up empowering the people they are used against.

The second, a brief history of Black America. In it, I hope to build a psychoanalytic perspective of the new radical right. Why these individuals believe it’s not about race, and why the rest of us think it is.

Let’s do it.

At the birth of many of our beloved institutions, they glorified the model American. No matter if it was books, TV, politics, education, etc. To the heads of those institutions, a hero was a tall white man with a square jaw. Saving the town from a dark man, usually wearing black or sometimes dark complected. This was the case no matter where you worked.

Years later, minorities clawed their way out of poverty and into the limelight through their athletic or artistic prowess. Through these pioneers, we got our first Black/Brown heroes. Many institutions (most famously the FBI) responded by attacking or outright banning these figures. In some cases championing white people who emulated their Black counterparts without giving any credit.

The Vietnam war and its draft fueled a wave of radical leftist. Artists, actors, musicians, and athletes, all fighting against the military industrial complex’s war in southeast Asia. Labeled as “Commies” and infecting the mind of the all-American youth. These radicals where fighting what they called “the establishment”. The kids loved it. Rebelling against their parents and their politics. Heroes of a new age.

Capitalism accidentally solved this problem by bestowing riches upon these influential enemies of the state. (The ones who hadn’t been murdered or OD’d) Turning these would-be revolutionaries into the rags to riches stories that have become capitalism’s biggest tool for recruitment. But the youth’s spirit will always love the danger of throwing stones at the system. They will always be attracted to rebellious causes. A sanctimonious image emerged. Anger and excess. Knowledge of the system’s evils doesn’t make a Rolls Royce any less bitchin.

This new standard happened serendipitously. Instead of continuing to arrest and ban. (Giving them the allure of being a forbidden fruit.) They witnessed the rebelious message hook the youth, while the artist’s lifestyle made them fall in line. The pursuit of knowledge made them individuals, the pursuit of riches and bitches put them to work. All by happenstance.

I think this has happened before. The evidence painted in the European frescos of biblical imagery from the 15th century. They imagined characters who were born in the Middle East as “shredded” white men with big beards and darkhaired White women. There are even images of the Pharaoh that opposed Moses as a white man with black hair. Jesus. Enough said.


Slavery was abolished in 1865. The civil rights movement started in 1955. In the 90 years between, Blacks suffered lives of subjugation by the American system. Black men weren’t allowed to vote until 1965. One hundred and forty two years after slavery was abolished, we had a Black man as president.

Black entrepreneurs know they are fighting an image. The image America associated with success. Was the Black person synonymous with poverty to most White people? Synonymous with the bottom? I think most African Americans would say so.

When democracy voted in America’s first Black president, some White Americans became terrified. But you can’t recruit with openly racist xenophobia. So they started spreading “subtly” racist theories. “Obama is a Muslim, he’s not American, he’s a socialist.” The problem became clear to me when Obama’s promise of change remained unfulfilled. Most middle-class White, Black, or even immigrants who voted for Trump, had voted for Obama. They wanted the change he promised.

During this period, social media began it’s assault on the era that preceded it. Declaring war on those with antiquated sensibilities. The homophobic, the transphobic, the elitist, the radically religious; a.k.a. the right. Those silenced by the old guardians of morality, the gaurdians being the schools, churches, and government; became the most popular voices. The opressed now holds the seat of power. Spearheaded by liberal celebrities and the millions who follow them.

Trump voters became scared of this new politically correct establishment. The years of hard work to make it into the middle class neighborhoods. All squandered in this new era of online lynch mobs, and atheist transgendered language police. Those who had fought tooth and nail to make it into the middle class. Who succeeded in the old environment. Were now looking at a world that sides with the losers.

This is the new counterculture. The conservative who is fighting for the return of their “establishment”. Where people can say derogatory words to each other, unafraid.

They feel attacked and handcuffed by the new establishment.

Examples of these attacks:

Santa Claus was black.

Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas.(Or at all.)

Cops kill black people for no reason.

There is no God.

Capitalism, corporations, and the CIA have destroyed or oppressed countries around the world.

Confederate statues should be taken down.


Suppressing their response to these attacks are apps, and the new world they created. If we continue to do this, they will start to seem appealing to thenextgeneration, instead of just batshit. Eventually millions of rebellious youths will want to explore these forbidden ideologies.

I believe that the answer is to let them say whatever crazy shit they want. Wherever they want. Let the followers fuck up and get arrested.

The country will make the right decision.

But no. The liberals chose to fight fanaticism with censorship. If the kids decide that the forbidden mindset is the new hotness. Well, Trump proved that commercial success begets political success. The radical right will remain a real threat.

The Democrats will probably be nominating Pelosi to keep out Bernie, AOC, and whoever the Republicans choose. Which they are dumb enough to fucking do. Most will see through whatever bullshit she says to appeal to the new dems. They know she will try to maintain the status quo. This will open the door to the “empire”, allowing it to strike back. Harder than before.

To those holding court on social media. Spreading menial controversies so thousands of bored users get their fix. Find a new hobby. Get a flip phone. Idk. Just stop fucking up society. This is directed at both sides.

Some controversies are serious. They need a day in court. A real court. Get yourself a fucking lawyer. Do that shit right! Some people deserve to be shamed, but only after a real jury has heard the evidence. After they have been found guilty. Not an online lynching were guilt is 50/50, and the accused never recovers, even if they are innocent.

That’s my two cents. What qualifies me to say such things? Nothing. Go fuck yourselves.

Flowers for the Spider… and primetime.

Why do some people have to be the assholes? Is it to keep the balance? Ying and Yang? Maybe all we’re trying to do is complete the picture?

The final image of what happened on the Halloween 2020 broadcast of UFC Fight night will be the sanitized one. The narrative that the multi-billion dollar institution has packaged for mass consumption. Is that narrative real? Of course it is. But it is the cynic, nay, the cold hearted asshole who brings with him that which all beauty hates: Time.

It is the cynics job to remind us that the reason why you love something, is not only because of the wholesome, bright, splendor. It is also the ugly imperfections that live within it. The person who walked into the original Amber room in Russia; not only loved it for the billions worth of gold and gemstones covering every square centimeter of the room. Whether they knew it or not; they loved the tiny cracks, the slight imperfections. They loved the fact that people had lost blood, fingers, limbs, life. The beauty lives within this ugliness.

Time is ugly. The moments it gives us are beautiful. I think that narrative is important. The faces of Anderson Silva’s sons in that cage told what will surely be a forgotten side of the story. The ugly complexity of time. I’m sure the MMA intellectuals like Luke Thomas or Chuck Mindenhall already have a time share where I conclude this. Let’s go for it anyway.

Uriah Hall might be the greatest middleweight (not named Anderson Silva) of all time. His early brush with monumental expectations, and the subsequent stresses and setbacks it brought are the ugly little details. In this fight, he walked in as the villain. There to answer the deluded questions of MMA fans. Silva’s sons already knew the answer. The moment of respect at the end was beautiful. The faces on the sons told the dark side of the beauty. Hall beat the shit out of an old man.

Primetime is a technical mastermind. A rigid and calculated force of fast twitch opportunism. In that he is not unique. His flow of violence occasionally gives us flashes of what some might call artistry. A magic only worthy of those who have done the work, experienced the pain, the ugly eternity of endless hours of training. Then, almost by accident, they pull into existence something beautiful.

Hall has had a handful of these moments. Silva has had many. Silva (and Adesanya’s) moments have been more impactful. The tragedy that is the story of Hall’s potential is something beautiful. It is why we love the “GOATS”. Because of the tens, maybe (Highly unlikely) hundreds of Uriah Hall’s who have everything; except time. They lost time stuck in a moment. They needed time to learn how to handle certain situations. Time makes sweet love to a select few; but it fucks the shit out of rest of us.

I hope he can win a title. Maybe with Adesanya moving up. Hopefully Hall can finally get a candle lit dinner and five star hotel room at the end of his MMA career. Only time will tell.

The Stolen God pt. II- NO for gay Jesus!

The catholic church and it’s “cool progressive pope” are desperate for media attention, and have issued a bullshit non apology. For those unaware, there is a newly mandated attitude towards tolerating civil union marriages for same sex couples. It comes, as usual; out of the blue, irrelevant to the current climate, and inconsequential to most outside of their community.

The church remains completely out of touch and behind the times in it’s reciprocity to the Times up generation, AKA “The Online lynch mob”.

Dear Vatican; My name is Andy Estrada, and I wanna be your publicist. If I fix your image, I want my fifty million dollars.

The New Testament was written around 100 AD. At that time, societies were complex. I would argue that they were so different, yet intelligent, that they had a completely alien perspective to the verses. Knowing what we know of them Romans. Their  progressive society loved complicated story telling. They told real stories.(Those fucking tunic wearing perverts.) I think my proposal will has a good standing.

We retell the original narrative. Using the original scripture.

AGAIN!: No one can know(with absolute certainty)  in what context a culture two millennia removed, saw the verses of the New Testament.

I propose a complete revamping of the main character in the narrative of the new testament, the one that might have existed worlds ago. I think the story of Jesus might have also been about redemption.

(Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.)

There is plenty evidence that Jesus was a EVEN more compelling character than people realize. Now keep in mind, Rome was a very progressive society. If you read the New Testament without knowing the end. Read it without any pre informed biases. Hot off the presses, new book. The New Testament? That might be a good read, in’nit? Never read the first one.

We’ll find that Jesus was kind of a dick. This is the end of Matthew 13:13, it’s about why he speaks in parables.:

“…because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.”

In the context of the book, some apostles were exhibiting doubts. Jesus basically explains that no one would understand the divine knowledge without him dumbing it down. Calling everybody a dumbshit. And yes he fucking does! Don’t give me that: (Read in southern accent.) “Even the concept of what he was s-s-saying dumbfounded those poor little savage fuckers!” (Fat fucking southern preacher with his fucking crossed eyes, sweating and shit!)

He was patronizing those people; and that’s okay, nobody is perfect. We lean more into that! We concentrate on new, right? We skip all that apocalypse stuff. Outta here with that! (For now.) It’s too localized. Israel and all that “this is gonna happen with that Mid East country, and whateverthafuck. That region already has enough to deal with. AND NO! We won’t just give JESUS geography lessons, silly!

How about him kinda being a dick to his disciples. He be dissin his crew by callin them stuff like;(I hate myself right now.) ACTS 4:13 ” unlearned and ignorant men.” Tame by today standards, but back then! Let’s put it this way, I don’t think they just stood there with that fucking Goofy face. The one where he’s standing there drooling while someone is verbally shitting on him.

No? Not juicy enough? Alright…

I’ve already covered his bible appropriate overt racism in the first part of this series. He was a beautiful SandJew and many times only expressed love for others of the Judean race. (I say that first word again and I’ll probably be murdered in my sleep.)

Did you know he was a fan of eunuchs? In fact; Jesus respected their lifestyle so much, one of his disciples points out the fact that Jesus’ convoluted rules on conventional sex makes one consider becoming a eunuch.
MATTHEW 19:9-21-

“If such is the case of a man with his wife, it is better not to marry”

That’s funny and random, no? No I’m insinuating that Jesus was a gay! Would that be such a bad thing, though? It would. So that’s a no for gay Jesus. Alright, I can see you’re not digging any of that yet. I’ll stop picking on Christ now. I’ll just leave you with a parting thought on this issue. I contend that I am not the first to suggest a radical change to Jesus’ image, I believe one has already been implemented.

Even though he is the son of the creator of everything, his scope on many ideological issues is still conveniently narrow. Encountering, yet having no opinion on practices that would cause millions to suffer for thousands of years after. The famous scene where he preaches that “he who is without sin, shall cast the first stone”, for example:

He stops a group of men from stoning a woman who’s only crime was having pre marital sex; they called it adultery. The man involved in the crime was facing no punishment. Jesus missed his opportunity to save millions of others by not bringing attention to the unfair treatment towards women. I would think that someone with the divine knowledge would see the future benefits of suggesting women be treated equally.

He also knew of slaves and their brutalization; neither of which seemed very wrong to our savior. The concept of a monarchy conveniently didn’t bother him either. Jesus having no criticisms on said subjects conspicuously benefitted generations of bigotry and authoritarian rule.

Granted, he elected to tackle subjects like the end of the world. Which he said would happen in the lifetime of the people physically there, listening to him. Dude was pulling demons out of people and putting it in like eighty pigs, and the pigs ran off into a lake and drowned. Owner was probably like WTF fam.

He ultimately gave his life for us. He could’ve been wrong about coming back. He did it anyway. No matter his faults, he sacrificed his life for us. If that doesn’t redeem a person’s past mistakes, I don’t what would.
Moving on.

Give your shit away for free. Offer salvation to any and everyone. Regardless if they already have a religion, if they don’t believe in god, if they accepted Jesus as their messiah. Make an announcement that baptism, or attendance, or repentance is no longer necessary to get into heaven.

The transactional nature of salvation always bothered me. It’s like you’re being chased by a serial killer and Superman flies down. But, before he saves you, he asks if you worshipped him recently, or went to his party on Sunday. If you didn’t comply with these requirements, he’ll let the killer rape and murder you. What the fuck is that?!

Make everyone an honorary Christian, Catholic, or Saved person. It’ll kill two birds with one stone. Forgiving everyone, no questions asked; gives the added benefit of forgiving those in your own camp, without it seeming like special treatment.

Alright Pope Francis. Get to work on these two. I’ll come up with some more ideas.

Good talk.

Our brain

The three pound lump of electric gelatin. It is the most advanced and mysterious substance in the known universe. What do you do with it?How far down the spiral of societal conditioning were you, when you settled on the “acceptable” mindset. The one responsible for success in this society? Did you even notice when it happened? You didn’t. You were too young.

In a book called Incognito, David Eagleman explains that there are as many neural connections in one single cubic centimeter of brain tissue, as there are stars in the milky way galaxy. An article on says there are a minimum of 100 trillion neural connections, or synapses in our brain. At least 1,000 times the number of stars in our galaxy.

How do we store the data that is, us? What does this data look like? I’ve only heard of these synapses’ singular characteristics. No imagination on the possible image or behavior of all of them as a whole. Maybe one day we’ll find the perfect combination of imaging techniques. Some electro-spectro-radio-thingamajigger that’ll give us the most accurate picture of the trillions upon trillions of connections happening every second. The isolated cloud of electrical connections dancing around.

Call me crazy.(as if you require an invitation) But I believe the data in our brains is stored as millions of interconnected whirlpools. A chain of swirls in constant motion. I think these whirlpools start forming inside the womb. Information flowing from the mother’s eyes and ears into the fetus’ brain. Continuously absorbing everything. I think genetics are only responsible for physical characteristics. Psychological ones are a product of their environment.

I believe our formation was entirely sculpted by our mother’s subconscious. Those psychological traits we couldn’t have possibly learned, painted by our mother’s memories. Put there so early, they embed themselves in the deepest cortex. These make up the first whirlpools.

The rest come as we pick up skills and experiences. Traditional neuroscience said the body sends signals to the brain when necessary. I believe that our 2 billion, or so, nerve endings are permanently in our brains. Swirling around with Information from our sex drive, heart, digestive system, etc.

A perfect example would be the shirt you have on. You don’t even feel it on you, do you? Do you feel the pants on the skin of your legs, every second of the day? Not likely. Is it only when you demand this information that the body FedExes it up to your brain at 268 mph. Conventional neuroscience would say so. That, only when you needs the information, does your body send the signal to your brain.

I don’t think so. I’m not denying the speed of the signal. I am calling into question the process. What gives me the right to contradict this? Maybe I’m just more in tune with my brain than you are with yours.(Does it burn?)

I believe these signals are mainstays. Swirling in and out, needed or not. When we do wonder what our shirt feels like, our brains doesn’t need to wait on the signal; it isolates it, already passing through.

When an area of the body experiences pain. The whirlpool becomes larger. Immediately gaining more of our conciousness. Psychological problems do the same. This is what I believe. Don’t know why. Might change my mind later.

Anyway!… WOW! I am really a crazy fuck! Oh well. Let’s soldier on.

And now, another stupid thing.

Will we take our memories to heaven?

Most would say, “Of course, muh g!” Well, not so fast, MUH DOG! (Sigh, I wanna kill my self.)

A article has a rather bleak and alarming discovery. The piece is called Anesthesia and the soul. It’s signed “anesthesiology”

Warning: if you check it out. He/She, I swear it could be a transvestite who wrote the fucking thing, #Woke. He/She ends the article at the big bold “WE HAVE NO SOUL.” The paragraph after is not part of the research, it’s them hocking their book. I’m joking, get your hustle on, Sir/madam. Get your hustle on.

She kind of takes forever trying to scientifically establish an equation to represent the concept of the theoretical soul. The ties between memory, the soul, and the self. Your soul is you, right? it’s your memories of who you are, your life, your entire personality, perspective, and experiences. You are not you, without your memories. Without the innumerable experiences that make up your life.

You take your memories with you to heaven, right? Wrong!

What if your memories lived and died with your brain? Watch as ten days go by, and you wake up swearing you had been asleep for one second. No blackness, no consciousness whatsoever. No dreaming. No thoughts. One hundred percent off. One hundred percent of the time.(Don’t quote me on that. Talk to her! she said it!)

Anesthesiologist use the medication responsible for this everyday, they call it Midazolam. The writer believes that this drug proves that there is no soul, and likely no afterlife. The Midazolam- killed the storm. It completely stopped the communication of the compartments. There was still neural activity within the compartments, but this put the brain on standby. What was found in the side effects of said silence? The most frightening answer to one of the ultimate questions.

What happens after we die?

They found that if they trick the system; turn the storm off without giving it the reason to shoot it’s hallucinogenic money shot. You go straight to non existence. I’ll let that sink in for a little bit. I don’t know if it’s real. I’m just a dude who is still undeterred from his faith.

A recent hypothesis about the afterlife, one which stems from scientific evidence and hallucinogenic drug aficionados. When you’re about to die from something, and your brain recognizes that fact. Say, you caught Frabicio Werdum outside a boomerang store, and he cracks your skull open. Your brain shoots you up with that final hit of DMT while you’re leaving.

While your skull is getting bashed in with bent wood. You’re hallucinating those pearly fucking gates. I think heaven might be an advanced species’ way of preparing you to make that last hit of dopamine a good one.

(Knocks at the door.)
Fuck… (steps)
We’re here to arrest you for being one of the most ignorant fucks in the history of wasted cumshots.


I might be one of the most hilariously insane retards in the history of time. Lol.

The acceptable sin part II

I say this with the face of someone about to get punched, in the face.

This is just a ridiculous idea from my completely unqualified, minimum wage mind. I also say this knowing how difficult this past year has been on all Americans, of all incomes. I don’t hate the player, I hate the game. So I’m writing a hate letter to “The Game”(Not the rapper.)

I am debating the need for massive salary caps, and a once every century, communist style redistribution of wealth. In which anybody who has, or makes more than fifty million dollars gets capped at that amount for a period of eight years. After that time they would go back to their original wages for another hundred years.

During that time, we fund FREE housing developments, UBI (Universal basic Income), education reform, etc.

Here is my down syndrome laced… Let’s say, perception of the events. The aspirations for anything unrealistic dies at a younger age now. Everyone is ultimately out for themselves. Doesn’t matter if your a young liberal or young republican. “All feelin, no facts”! I’m sorry, HmHm…

I think it’s absolutely necessary to give people a break from capitalism. At least once a generation. Especially in this era of overpopulation, pandemics, natural disasters, and youths with artificial intellects. Anyone who can do the fucking math knows that the chance for them to ever own a home, doing what they love, is dwindling away.

On the other side, the conservatives who kneel at the altar of the bootstrap, and the pulling up of said bootstrap. Most thought they were one bootstrap away from being millionaires. When this wasn’t the case, politicians told them to blame immigrants and the welfare sucking poor.(Liberal poor people, not conservative poor people.)

I think all those riots and all the tension is the manifestation of one problem. Sure it’s also about BLM and Antifa vs. Pro-Trump and Proud boys.

I believe it’s also about give and take. How little we’re given for the amount of life that capitalism takes. The hours that accumulate into a lifetime of work for some shitty two bedroom house. When we are bombarded by images of mansions, yachts, sports cars in the hands of people who really don’t contribute much more to this society than entertainment.

The days of the vast majority accepting a 40 hour work week, making 20 grand a year at best; while a lucky few found a cheatcode to capitalism is over. Many good people are living in a place where hope has died. The jobs some human beings have to do because of their lack of academic skills and financial control drains them. Their kids see this.

On the other side of this equation is a human being that makes 8.25 million dollars an hour. An hour! Fucking comedic. The amount of luxurious rooms I would masturbate in, in my massive mansion. It blows my fucking mind.

Anyway, perfect Segway. That’s what drives a republican. Even a broke one. One day, maybe not him, but one of his kids, will accomplish the American dream: Win at Capitalism. Taking that age old dream away is sacrilege. Although the fact that they blame the death of said dream on the welfare takers and not the people dominating the game is something I will never understand.

My plan: Let’s pause the game. The rich would benefit immensely from getting all of us deadbeats off of their backs. Any difficulties paying personal staff, lot fees for yachts, stable fees for horses, etc. Will be paid by the government during this period. Meanwhile, the sweatpants people fuck off to some nice little acre of their own in a new neighborhood, a little green in their pocket.

These neighborhoods will have the added benefit of creating more jobs, needing staff from the ground up for hospitals, police, government, etc..

To those saying “motherfucker I work almost 24/7. I LOVE WORK, YOU LAZY FAG!”

Good for you. You probably ain’t working the jobs I’m talking about. The jobs I’m talking about go home with you after those eight, ten, or twelve hours. And if you are working these jobs pushing yourselves after that, seven days a week, then trying to build a business after work, and still make time for your family. You deserve everything you have and more.

I realize that there are people who scrimp, suffer, bond, and beautiful things happen while in their journey of hard work and dedication. You took the long road. Fought for your dream to get into a fucking home. Own property. Own a business. A new car or two. You are the blood that makes America limp forward. BUT, contrary to the picture the media paints. Less than ONE percent of the people who take on this herculean challenge retire as millionaires. LET ALONE A HUNDRED BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS!

Some of you actually achieving any real financial success in an environment like this is a testament to your dedication. Your resolve is an inspiration in an era where the will to keep the American dream alive is disappearing. Many of you think the dream is something you either use, or lose. There are a lot of people losing it out there. Pun intended. They are losing this dream at an irreparable age.

I’ll finish my ode to the hard working American with this: You’ll get to continue working as hard as you want and also get a check for doing nothing. You shouldn’t get mad that those less industrious or ambitious get a little more than they deserve. You should be mad that those who only contribute to commerce or entertainment have more money, power, and property than most monarchies of the past two thousand years.

The stolen God: Culture vs. Authority




the expulsion or attempted expulsion of a supposed evil spirit from a person or place…

or religion.

I want to start off by reminding the world that we have been under the influence of abrahamic religions for more than two millennia. Everything that I will say here, has been said before by many others. So if you find yourself getting angry at my views; settle the fuck down!

If you have read any of my other posts, you’ll know that I am simply trying to be facetious with subjects our society accepts as “the way it is”.

I’m not trying to get on anyone’s bad side, or offend what some might call “serious fucking people”. That said. Let’s knock some religious institutions down a peg. Or rather the leaders of said institutions.

Let’s jump into the shallow end of easily offended groups: Judaism.

I read an essay on the topic of the state of Judaism today. In it, the author criticizes it’s turn from a spiritual organisation centered only (and most importantly) on what it means to be human, what the concept of God really is, and what happened 3,000 years ago on Mt. Sinai. To what is now a organisation obsessing over the purity of its blood and the strength of the state of Israel.

He seems to blame this on the westernization of the culture and its people. I wanted to as well. I couldn’t, because there’s evidence of a influential Jewish man practicing this 2,000 years ago.

Matthew 15:21-28

21: Jesus went from there to the area of Tyre and Sidon.

22: A Canaanite woman from that area came out and began shouting, “Lord, Son of David, please help me! My daughter has a demon inside her, and she is suffering very much.”

23: But Jesus did not answer her. So the followers came to him and said, “Tell her to go away. She keeps crying out and will not leave us alone.”

24: Jesus answered, “God sent me only to the lost people[a] of Israel.”

25: Then the woman came over to Jesus and bowed before him. She said, “Lord, help me!”

26: He answered her with this saying: “It is not right to take the children’s bread and give it to the dogs.”

27: The woman said, “Yes, Lord, but even the dogs eat the pieces of food that fall from their master’s table.”

28: Then Jesus answered, “Woman, you have great faith! You will get what you asked for.” And right then the woman’s daughter was healed.

Christians like to disregard the blatant racism. Claiming that it was because she had no faith in the beginning, and only after she accepted Jesus as Christ, did he acquiesce.

As you can read above. She never had any atheistic sentiments. Jesus was perfectly willing to let the girl die for not being Jewish. Only changing his mind after her self deprecating reminder that all humans deserve life.

So why did the Jewish faith adopt the values of a prophet they refuse to believe in?

In my opinion. Since the inception of the faith, the hierarchy started and ended with God. There were humans who were chosen by God to save the “chosen people”. But there is only one “being” alive today, that holds the power and authority of understanding what God wants from us: That person is… (drumroll, please) God.

The essayist argues that the adjustment of the Judaic community to an American style of “church”, halted the conversation, which was the basis of the faith. Giving all the burden of thought to the man standing on the pedestal.

A complex religion, once open to interpretation and discussion; is now relegated to the same style of hierarchical condescension as Christianity. The priest, preacher, and now rabi telling you to not hurt your little brain thinking about what the writings mean, he’ll tell you exactly what they mean.

A hierarchy is important for maintaining order. It’s counsel invaluable towards moving the organisation forward. When the hierarchy’s authority spills over into telling you what you should think about (Insert subject, group, or nationality here.) Be weary.

Power will always need enemies. It facilitates the followers’ consent to change the culture from inward regulation to xenophobia. Most members enter a denial of their own group’s corruption as a survival mechanism. Fearing the enemy will use their weakened state of change to destroy their traditions (or values.).

This brings me to what would probably get me killed if I was anybody of relative importance or fame: Islam. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s perfect.

But… to be continued…

Our second brain

The all encompassing battle for influence has been raging since one monkey told the other to fuck off. Social media has put it’s much revered power in the hands of everyone. Evolving the fight at warp speed. Is it too much, too soon; or exactly how it’s supposed to go?

I have this half-baked theory. Fuck half-baked, this shit is still raw. It is a narrative of the evolution of the internet and it’s effect on the world. (mainly America)

The theory:
The general public, through the internet, might have contracted a new psychological virus known as “Artificial” Intelligence.(Just humor me.) A disease where people can theoretically know it all,(thanks to their phones) and as a consequence; behave like they have nothing to learn from anyone they don’t respect or aspire to be like.

This digitaly created psychological disease. A parasite that makes us question our institutions highest truths, and thus threatening to bring down governments and economies all over the world. Has done all of this, only a decade after it was disseminated across the globe. It’s billions of interconnected seeds sprouting into flowers of contempt and anger towards the system. This is what happened, right? Maybe it was the weed or something. Anyway.

I started thinking of it’s current effect on our society. My thoughts, like everything else in this essay, are wild generalizations. Psychotic leaps to conclusions that seemingly have no connection with the subject. Yet I persist in this deluded search for a grand narrative in a haystack of unconnected and indecipherable events. Events that might or might not have any connection.

So as fruitless as it may be, I ask myself; How have smart phones contributed to the chaos affecting our global society today? Consider what was popular in our digital playground just a couple of decades ago. The internet was so young, everybody wanted to connect. Be friends. “Will you be my Myspace friend?!” Like a bunch of kids in kindergarten.

Around the world, the youth(25 and under) quickly became the largest portion of inhabitants on the net. (and still are) When this happened, it became obsessed with sex, money, violence, and death.(in my opinion)

At the beginning of the last decade, the population of users exploded. Politics became the internet’s new toy. But the youth is not able to calmly debate. To respect the necessity of some of the old ways as they scrutinize them. They hold the old political, societal, or economic point of view as evil. They want action. They want it now. Even if it breaks the toy. In a system built on making sweeping changes as difficult as possible, we want reform as quickly as McDonald’s hands us a hamburger.

Or was it a foreign government, disguised as the right or the left? Starting shit to destroy this and any other country that they can. I personally think that they would go after the young tastemakers. Design divisive viral campaigns that would attract artists and athletes. The people who influence the young and impulsive.

Either way, racial frictions and radical political ideologies have also found a place in this new generation. The adversarial groups involved in these issues followed. Rebranding themselves with new names and hashtags.

These fringe groups of the past recognized the power in our “new brains” and infected it with their forgotten ideas. Because they were forgotten, they seemed fresh. Or maybe they were simply attracted to the sosh media like everyone else and couldn’t help but post there radicalisms.

These forces have grown like tumors from inside the “brain” in our pockets, into our society. The influencers of the past have followed the river of mass influence, from print, to radio, to television; all the way to it’s new location… Twitter.

All the old institutions entered the chat. The place that was obsessed with connecting everyone was infiltrated by a divisive force. Recruiting and fighting it out in this new digital battlefield against familiar and unfamiliar foes. Liberals vs. Conservatives vs. The extreme left vs. The extreme right. A fatal four-way for the soul of world.

None of these groups would have wasted a second on the internet three decades ago. Now they live on the web. Bringing their divisive rhetoric into our smart phone dimension. A Pandora’s box, with the Pandora app in it, playing “I’d like to change the world” in the background.

After we settle into our two brain society. We might realize that this is a better version of our democracy. One where the extremes have a seat at the table. I believe there’s a danger in regressing towards the institutions ruling in obscurity. Opening the door to the paranoid schizo mob and allowing them in the decision making will keep the old rulers in check.

I’m not advocating violence. I’m simply suggesting that radical groups on either side shouldn’t be completely ignored. I don’t agree with silencing any group, no matter how bat-shit crazy the members are. Because of the expedient nature of our new technology. If we normalize the censorship of these groups. The new heads of communication could silence anyone they see fit to silence. If they become corrupt, they will use this power to censor anyone trying to expose them.(Sound familiar?)

Hopefully the majority of the content will begin to reflect a more empathetic society. It will begin to distribute wisdom. It will make fashionable, spirited debate. Install compassionate disagreement as a trait in our young ones. Not judge people on their faults, no matter how repulsive or insane they may be.

We cannot afford to go back to state sponsored truths. We must have the shit-show of false information out there and let the public decide what the truth is. If we are destined to fall under the freedom to choose your own facts; then so be it. We cannot regulate truth, a consensus must be organically reached on what is true, and the opposing views should be around to build their case.

If y’all don’t like it, suck a dick.

The Acceptable Sin

“Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s.”-

Jesus of Nazareth.

When the above quote was said. It was used to answer questions about the separation of church and state. In the current political climate, (I’m sweating already) our society has moved past that issue. To me, the words of Christianity’s highest moral authority represent something different.

Before I start, a disclaimer:

I am a fulltime employee, with two kids, a SELF proclaimed idiot, and crazy person. Please don’t kill me.


I have a dumb Idea. The idea is something akin to socialism. The word socialism has gotten a bad reputation since the 1930’s. The truth is, the Nazis abandoned socialism almost immediately after they got into office. They made every decision without the knowledge or consent of the people. I postulate that what they were actually trying to install was a dictatorship, in every sense of the word. You wouldn’t say that the system in North Korea is a socialist system, would you? I doubt Hitler was going to relinquish power if he conquered the world. Also, policy would’ve likely changed at his whim.

Back to my idea. I propose for each state’s department of social health and welfare to send information to the IRS (cue gasps) on who is living in poverty, on benefits, and having legitimate trouble participating in our capitalist system. Then we kill them. I’M JUST JOKING! IT’S A JOKE!

We then see how much it would cost to give those people what they need ASAP. Pay psychiatrists for two a weeks. (Pay for shuttling patients to out of town docs, if necessary) Find them places to stay. Move them to small towns, in the middle of nowhere. Pay the complete price for daycare. Pay them a thousand a week.

In return, they submit to a contract that says they will adhere to drug tests and whatever treatment is prescribed by professionals. THEN, we look at the top earners in the country. YES! We cap the top earners at… FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS! (Cue gasps again.)

I will not feel any sympathy for any human who cannot budget their life on fifty million dollars. I do not care how hard you work. You cannot convince me that you deserve more than a single mother who has to ride the bus to work. Comes back to a shitty apartment, cooks, cleans, and raises her kids after working a twelve hour day.

It should be obvious that the imaginary system meant to quantify the work to money ratio is broken. I’ve met some pretty hard fucking workers in my life who are barely getting by. Sure they had vices that cost a pretty penny. Or unplanned children.

Either way; the formula for becoming a decamillionaire is based on value and connections. Is your skill something that society values? Did  you draw the ticket in the social, genetic, or economic lottery; that opens the door to connections?

The real question is; why should we keep going along with this? I mean, even doctors are getting shafted! To become a doctor you have to pay a school on average $170k and twelve years of your life. Then you ride the system in the fucking middle with a $200k a year salary. Oh, and you also work your fucking ass off! Saving the lives of douche bags like myself who refuse to take care of themselves.

No matter what you say; you can’t convince me that anyone “deserves” a fleet of cars, multiple properties, yachts, etc., because they “work hard”.

In the U.S. there are some 83,620 households with $50mm or more. Along with 36,202 with $100mm or more. That is .07% and .03% of the U.S. population, respectively.

Conservatively assuming that around 30,000 of the 83,620 households that reported making $50mm or more, actually made $60mm. By taking the extra $10mm, we just infused $300 billion dollars into the fund to help the downtrodden. Capping the $100mm crowd brings in $1.8 trillion. Capping the billionaires, or hundred billionaires… Whoops!… I didn’t mean it, please don’t kill me.

Another argument of the rich is leaving the future generations of their family secure. If you don’t live like a fucking sultan, FIFTY million dollars is enough for your kids to go to college. It’s enough to get them started, help them out occasionally. Enough for the grandkids’ college.

If you don’t find your work rewarding enough to do after you’ve made FIFTY million dollars, find something else. You can also make the FIFTY million dollars and take a vacation. Either way, the point is FIFTY million dollars is enough money for anybody, I don’t care who you are.

In return for this one time fee off of their current wealth and the temporary cap. They no longer have to pay taxes, no more giving to charity, no property tax, medical bills will be comped, social security, etc.

I propose that something similar to this system be implemented every century. That this be amended onto the constitution. I propose a popular vote on this. Not a house vote, or a senate vote, or a supreme court vote. A popular vote.

My second point.

Religion failed us by not vilifying greed as much as they should have. Even Jesus, and his vague, “don’t rock the boat attitude” towards slave owners and kings. Odd for a half-god and the institution that claims to speak for the creator of the universe, to take such a chicken shit attitude towards one of their deadly sins. Makes you wonder who was really in charge even in christianity’s heyday.

I guess GREED is the acceptable sin. I am one hundred percent certain there has never been an American priest or deacon to make any prolonged effort to stamp out greedy behavior from his community. They rather bother gays and teenage moms in a pickle. “Give a little to the pesky poor, that’ll cleanse your conscience from living in excess.”

Maybe there’s no fixing this. Maybe this will always be the struggle of human kind. Keeping the balance.

Like the old mouse said; “It is easy to propose a impossible remedie.” I just think we should find out if it really is impossible. (please don’t kill me)